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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Way too HOT!

Today it just felt entirely too hot to do much of anything. I really didn’t get dressed but I did however take a ride over to construction junction. I dont think they have those every where but its a place where people can drop off their old things, mostly kitchen cabinets, old tables and chairs, extra wood, dressers and etc. Basically if you wanted to redo your kitchen at a low cost or wanted a new dinning room table without spending an arm and a leg.
 This is an actual picture from inside the warehouse

I dont think I told my readers yet but I am officially moving to PHILADELPHIA! GOODBYE PITTSBURGH. My mom and I went there looking for inexpensive dinning room tables and we found a gorgeous one for $50 dollars but I had seen another one at another store for $100 and that one included 4 chairs so I had to pass this one up. 

The real reason why we went in there is because I couldnt find the perfect bowls for my dog Ruby. So i ended up just buying her two bowls with little paw prints but as she gets older and taller, I feel sorry that she has to bend down to eat. We decided that since I couldnt find the perfect bowl stand WE WOULD MAKE ONE!My mom and I could a flat piece of wood with very nice detailing around and some old bannister rails for the legs and some lavender paint. I love doing creative things like this. Once we arrived home to make it, NONE of my dad tools were charged so the project will have to hold off til tomorrow. It actually turned out to be a good thing because now I will take some pictures of the process.
Since I dont have an OOTD post, I thought I would do a July/August wish list. If this becomes popular, I might do it every month.

1. A pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes. I have not decided which ones because I like a lot of them
2. Urban Outfitter Shorts
3.120 eyeshadow palette
4.Red Minnetonka moccasins
5.Multi make up brush set
Tell me what’s on your wish list
<3 Brandi

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