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Saturday, December 31, 2011

OOTD 12-31

This is the outfit I wore during the day not my night time out. There will be a Get Ready With Me video for that.

Enjoy and Thank You for Watching

<3 Brandi

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Last Friday of 2011

This post is more like an appreciation post. I started this blog in March if I’m correct and I feel like my style has grown so much and I am so happy that I could share it with you guys. Through my blog I was inspired to make a YouTube channel which is thriving. Without you guys I would of never found the courage to step outside my comfort zone and expose myself to the world. I am so happy that the people on BlogSpot and YouTube have welcomed me with open arms and that is a great feeling.

A year from today when I look back on the post I hope that I will have grown is ways unimaginable. I hope to have grown in my make up skills because I am still a beginner and that my fashion sense will elevate. Right now with make up and beauty I am very shy to try new things and hopefully that will change.

For the New Year I dont really have any resolutions besides to just grow as a person but thats something I should be doing all day everyday not just because its a new year. I do sort have a little change nothing major and not really because its a New Year. But it is to buy quality not quanity. It seems like something like that should be common sense and sometimes it is and others its not. What I basically mean is that if I see something I like to buy it. Dont worry about the price. If I am going to get my money’s worth and this item is going to become a key essential to my wardrobe then get it. Sometimes I let my dad’s side come out of me which is the cheap side, the “I’m not going to pay that price side” lol. But what ends up happening is I find these amazing pieces and decide I dont want to spend that type of money right now and once I am ready to spend that type of money the item is gone forever and I’ll think about that item for weeks to come. I know everyone has those moments but I am tried of saying I’m going to learn to buy what my heart is craving for.

Anyway enough babbling... Here are my top 5 outfits over the past couples months....

Tell me what’s your favorite look.

Also I have some videos coming for you guys. A  Christmas Haul, A New Year’s Video (kinda be with me when the ball drops lol), Get Ready With Me: New Years 2012 Edition. So be on the look out.

And an extra one, I couldn't just pic 5 lol...

<3 Brandi

Tell me what you guys did for New Years or your resolutions...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Celebrity Spot Light

I have always had this “style crush” on Nicole Richie. Her make up is always flawless and effortless. Her style is very versatile. Some days you will catch her with a bohemian dress and a pair if house of harlow moccasins. Another day you will catch her extremely fashion forward in a Stella McCartney dress and vintage houndstooth pumps. Either way her style is something that I have admired.

How do you guys feel about Nicole Richie’s style?

 <3 Brandi

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Sorry this is late. During the holidays my internet was down and of course no one was able to come out until after Christmas lol. But I am back with a tutorial I filmed on Christmas Eve of how I curl my extensions and a video of my family opening gifts. Also the video of us opening gifts has my nieces singing. My mom has the kids perform something they learned in school. When I was little I remember playing my clarinet and it was always a new Christmas song I had learned.

In an earlier post I had posted pictures of items I wanted for Christmas. I got 2 out of 3 lol. I would of just been happy with one. So “Santa” was good to me this year lol. From my parents I got my Michael Kors Gold Runway watch. It is everything I imagined. My family keeps making fun of me because I have an extremely small wrist and the watch is so massive lol.

My second item I got was the Chanel Wallet Chain Purse. Last Christmas “Santa” brought me a pair of Chanel Leather Motorcycle Boots. As the months went on after I got the boots I realized I had to have the purse lol. So I asked my parents, I thought I was only going to get the watch which would of made me happy but they came threw.

Once the purse arrives in the mail, I promise I’ll do a video of it. This Christmas must of been the Christmas for Chanel because Saks said it would take a while to ship. The Sak’s in Pittsburgh no longer has a Chanel Boutique so they had to order it from another Sak’s. Even though I dont physically have the item I was so excited! Knowing that its on its way and it will be here soon and I just dont know what I’ll do with myself.

Tell me what you guys got for Christmas?
And what are your New Year’s plan?
Like where will you watch the ball drop?

<3 Brandi

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sorry  about my recent M.I.A. Things as usual have been hectic with school and work. This semester is finally done. It ended with all A’s and B’s and a 2.8 gpa. I know, I know it should be over a 3.0 but due to other circumstances in previous semesters I am working hard to get things back on track. However I am very excited about my great grades.

Things will change I promise. I just arrived home TODAY! This very day at about 9:30 and the first thing I did besides have a great breakfast was write this entry. Thats how much I have missed you guys that I thought I have to immediately update. This is my first blogger christmas and I am so excited to share EVERY waking moment with you guys. Next year I think I’ll do a 12 days of Christmas thing. This year I wasn’t really thinking about it but I can almost promise for something like that this time next year.

Now that I have updated you guys the next step is to take a nap lol. I just got off the P.A. Turnpike, spent a whole 3 and 1/2 hours on that things alone. Just me and my good old iPod. Not to mention the slow drivers and the state trooper trying to get me lol. J.K. I drive according to all P.A. Turnpike rules and regulations ;)...

Talk to you guys soon

<3 Brandi