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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sally Hensen “Crackle"

So cvs had the Sally Hensen “Crackle” nail polish on sale. Buy one get one 50% off. The only had blue, purple and red. I decided to get the blue and purple. Once I got in the car I immediately tried the colors and the purple didnt turn out the way I wanted too and the blue looked great. Once I got home I decided to do a white undercoat and the blue on top and I HATE IT! I am so sad because I was so excited. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it to look just right?
I also decided to change my make up remover. I normally use neutrogena make up remover in a bottle. You shake the bottle to activate the formula put it on a cotton swaps and wipe away the make up. Lately I have been sleeping with my make up on which I know is HORRIBLE
So I figured I would start using face wipes. Pull one wipe out, wipe your face and taadaahaa!!! So cvs also had there almay face wipes on sale. They were i think $5.99 and $1.00 dollar off.

So far I have not taken any pictures of my nails of my OOTD. Hopefully they will be coming soon.

<3 Brandi

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enjoying Life

Today I took some time to visit my grandfather. He lives in a nursing home. Every month the nursing home has one big birthday celebration for people who's birthday is in that month. My pap paps birthday is june 25.

 The nursing home had a singer. We came a little late to the party lol so I didnt get him name. But he sang old songs that were way before my generation lol. It was nice to see the elderly singing and dancing, it was very funny.

 Being there makes me appreciate life a lot more things. Seeing the elderly and how happy they are about minor things, gives life new meanings.
That bring us into the OOTD.
Today it was very humid.

<3 Brandi

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new cheetah style

Today was a pretty lazy day. I just sat in the house enjoying just relaxing and watching tv. Usually I am so motivated to get out the house and do something but this friday my mom and sister planned for us to take a trip to Avalon Exchange in Mt. Lebanon and I want to save all the money I can so I can buy everything I want.  The only Avalon Exchange I knew of was the one in Squirrel Hill (pittsburgh,pennsylvania). After visiting one day and buying this gorgeous faux fur vest by urban outfitters that had the original tag attached saying its $99.98 and it was on sale there for $24.99. I wanted to see if there were any other ones and there were. I told my mom about it and she because of where it is located that they would have some great items. So I am super excited.
While enjoying my day I decided that I wanted to repaint my nails. The were a pretty violet color. While looking up some designs I came across and gorgeous one and replicated it and here is my outcome.

If you want to get this look leave a comment and I will do a tutorial on it but it is pretty easy. They have a lot of them on youtube actually. Thats only if you don't want to wait for mine.

<3 Brandi

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

I would like to say Happy Father’s Day to all the real dads that REALLY take care of their kids and the mothers that play both roles. I love to see a young father doing things with their kids. I know I am young myself at 19 but to see kids actually taking care of their kids and doing the right thing does my heart good.
To start off my Father’s Day, I did some running around with my parents. We went to a couple car dealerships even though they were not open but I am in the market for a car. Next we went to Sam’s Club to pick up food for the Father’s Day cookout and then Home Depot to get a new garbage can (thats what my dad wanted to do on his day lol).
Unfortunately I was having so much fun that I completely forgot about taking pictures lol I am so sorry but I was still able to get OOTD pictures

<3 Brandi

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I couldn't think of a name for today's blog so I left it blank lol. Today I was so eager to get out the house and luckily my mom came home right before I pulled all my hair out. She made a suggestion that we do some running around. First we went to Sam's to go grocery shopping and get gas. If your located near a Sam's I suggest that you get a Sam's Club Car. The membership cost about $30 and you large qualities of items and a great deal on gas. After Sam's we ran to Jo Ann fabric my mom loves to sew and be creative so she feels right at home there. Next we went to a thrift store. My mom dropped off some old clothes while I looked around. I found two amazing blazers. One is purple and the other is pink. The pink one doesn't have a linen so I have to put one in, made a white silk or a pin stripe, either one will look great. I will eventually do another haul to include some other great items I got. These two blazers came to $7.98. Can't beat that. After the thrift store we made our way back home, were I decided to take some OOTD pictures.

<3 Brandi

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Pittsburgh Zoo

Yesterday my older sister and I took our nieces and nephews to the zoo. It was so much fun. Usually we go every year but last year I was at work and missed going with them. So this year I was not going to miss is lol. We arrived at the zoo at about 12 30 and didnt leave til 5 and we didnt even get to see the whole zoo because the kids were hungry. And to feel 2 adults and 5 kids is a lot of money to spend. So we left and had hot dogs and fries at my sisters house. Unfortunately I didnt get a lot of pictures because I was busy chasing the kids around and making sure everyone was together lol. Here are the few pictures I got lol.

<3 Brandi

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting Dirty

I was sleeping peacefully til my mother woke me up to ask me to help her mover mulch around. For the readers who dont know mulch is compost that is used for dirt and it STINKS! My mom went to a store and bought the mulch, they put it in my uncles pick up truck she drove it home and it was up to us to move it. It look hours in the hot son and we both smelled so bad lol. After we were done I smelled so bad that aside dont showering I washed my hair because I know it would have a funny smell and didnt want to walk around with it smelling funny lol.

I dont know if i mentioned it before but for a moment I was doing the natural thing and that went on since spring break which was sometime in march. Finally I broke down and needed to do something with my because I like to wear it out and flat ironing it was not working. So I decided to get what my mom gets which is a keratin.
So far I have been in love with it. My roots are still a little puffy but I think after a while the will become flat. Once you get a keratin you can ONLY wash your hair with their shampoo and conditioner because anything else can potentially wash out the keratin. Another thing is that you cant use products that contain sodium chloride. That will also eliminate the keratin.

Here is the Shampoo&Conditioner.
After getting dressed we stopped at a shoe store called "Littles". This shoe store is infamous in pittsburgh. They carry all popular brands. Today we went looking for arizona Birkenstock. I use to have a pair when I was little but I out grew them and I started to notice that they are back in style so I went on a hunt for a pair. At first I want the brown pair but I have enough brown sandals. I realized I have no white so why not go with white. Unfortunately they didnt carry that color in stores so I had to order them. 
Here is a picture
Here is my OOTD
(outfit of the day)

<3 Brandi