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Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday to MOI!

Happy Birthday to MOI!
At 12:00 on October 29th
I turned the big 20.
I am so excited about my birthday. Its not as great as sweet 16 or 21 but its special because I given another year to spend with my family and friends. 
I have been doing this blog since May, I think and I have felt so much love and support from my subscribers on blogspot, Chictopia and YouTube
You all are wonderful and special to me
Without your comments and criticism I would not have been able to grow so much.
My birthday started off with me picking up my Aunt Bev from the airport at 12:15
My Aunt Bev lives in California and ever year she comes to Pittsburgh for my birthday and I love her for that. She can choose to come at other times but its always like a day before my birthday. This year she landed at 12:02 on my birthday which made it super special that she brought it in with me.
This post was made at 2:00a.m. s o please stay tuned for an out of the night for when I go to dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory (my favorite restaurant of all time) with my family for my birthday. 

Also look out for a birthday haul. It will include my new camera, clothes and a couple makeup items I got. I might have to make two because I ordered a Michael Kors Hamilton bag and a pair of Steve Madden Leopard Print Wedges that wont be here til the 5th but I don't think I want to wait til the 5ht for a haul. But tell me what you all think. If you want me to do one with the items I have I will or if you want me to wait I will.
I am not returning to bed but first a look over the past couple of months.

<3 Brandi

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Day, Old Outift

Today is my first day back in my lovely hometown. As always on my first day back i like to just chill and set up an agenda for the other days I will be home. Being home allows me to lounge around, be lazy and get my thoughts together. Almost like a retreat. A home away from home lol.

Unfortunately lounging around the house also means I am not getting “Dressed to Impress”.
 I do have a video for you guys that I posted on my youtube channel a while back. For me it is a whole lot easier to upload a video verses taking pictures because I DIDNT have a camera and doing things on my phone was the WORST trying to get it stand up at the right height and right angle. TOO MUCH!

This friday I am going to take another trip to Best Buy and get hopefully 2 tripods. 
A Mini Tripod
I will use this to sit on my desk for when I am making videos

A Regular One
This one is for taking OOTD pictures
On to the good stuff. The videos and OOTD

As always my lovelies
Thanks for reading, check out my youtube channel (I upload on there a little more frequent)

<3 Brandi

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome to PITTSBURGH!

Hey everyone!

I know my blogging has been SO inconsistent but.. I have great news!

It all is going to STOP! As you know this coming saturday is my BIRTHDAY!
(I used this same picture for my moms birthday lol)

But I ended up treating myself to...

Yes ladies and gentlemen. I had finally decided officially on a camera. I was going back and forth for the longest about which camera would do everything I needed to do.

I dont think you understand how excited I am to try and take my blogging and my youtube (MY CHANNEL) channel to a new high!
This camera has 16x zoom for the make up videos I plan to do.
(I was previously using my mac book pro and using the zoom it had HORRIBLE!)

The movie mode is in 1080hd which is high quality.

Once I got home and ripped up the box lol I made a bunch of silly movies and it was so amazing watching myself. I felt like I had a twin and I was watching her do all these things thats how great it is!

It has a cool feature called “Background Defocus”. This feature is something that usually comes with dslr cameras but as you can see...this is NOT a dslr camera. What the feature does is focuses on a subject wether it be a person, thing or animal and makes it the focus of the picture by making thins in the background blurry. I am still having a little trouble getting it to work with faces but here is an example that I took myself.

See how my computer is the main focus and my mom in the background is semi blurred out. I was trying to do this feature with my moms face but it kept saying something about I wasn't close enough and some other stuff I didn't understand.

Here are some other random shots I took of my furry children lol.

(blue because he’s a boy)


I know amazing right! Its like your here with me in Pittsburgh lol. Just keep your eye because I will now be uploading hopefully every other day and everyday as far as my blog. Even if its just one picture of something that inspired me, there will be something :)

As always I hope all is well with whomever is reading this blog.
(Is it whomever or whoever...IDK its late lol)

<3 Brandi

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review:NYC kohl brow/eyeliner pencil &OOTD

Please check out my youtube channel. I am always taking suggestions on what you guys what to see and hear about.

<3 Brandi

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Check this new review video. the review is on 3 E.L.F. products and 2 NYX product. I also have a review on a NYC Kohl brow/ eyeliner pencil in jet black. I didn't put them together because it would of been a little lengthy.

I hope you enjoy. Please leave suggestions, they are encouraged.

And as always Thanks for watching!

<3 Brandi

Friday, October 14, 2011

Semi OOTD/ Make Up Review On YouTube

Here is a couple pictures I took. Sorry the lighting in all of them is not the greatest because like i have mentioned before some evil person decided to steal my camera so most of these pictures were taken on my phone. But GREAT news my birthday is the saturday after next October 29th and I will treat myself to a new one and I wont let anyone touch it lol.

Today in Philadelphia it was raining for the most part and it was quiet muggy. So I threw on this casual outfit to pick up some house hold items.

Cardigan: Forever 21, Top:H&M, Pants:American Eagle: Shoes: Tall Brown Uggs 
Necklace&Bracelet: Juicy Couture, Earrings: Pearl studs Forever 21
Lip Gloss: Revlon Pink Pop


<3 Brandi