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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 1 of Car Shopping

Today was the first day of many to come spending hours on different lots looking for the perfect car with the perfect price for me. Today I spent about 5 hours looking at lots and only found one car. It seemed like everything I found online was not on the lots. I found a 2006 Mercedes truck, i cant remember the model. I immediately feel in love with it. Now I have to get the parents to fall in love with it. I took my besets buddy with me Arhman. He is almost like my little brother. He is so silly and he keeps  me awake and laughing. So the search continues...


<3 Brandi

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day in the 80's

For the most part I slept in today. This is my puppy Ruby's first summer and she does not enjoy being hot so she was up all night making noise. So I didnt sleep good.
Finally I woke up at about 10 and watched some tv outside with my mom. Until I got a phone call from a guy at a car dealership. I dont think I have told you guys yet but I am looking to buy a car. My parents have three so I have been driving their extra one. I realized its time for me to get something of my own with MY NAME ON IT. So my niece and my best friend/little brother  came with me to the dealership and there wasnt really anything I was looking for. So i decided that tomorrow I will just drive out to the Bobby Rahal dealership. My dad got his Mercedes from there and has never complained and from the inventory online they have a lot.
After getting back from a failed attempt at getting a car, I came home to help my mom and sister cook out. Most of it my mom did yesterday so there was very little to do today. After sitting outside and eating a lovely home cooked meal, my mom made us crepes. It was so delicious!
My mom made them to perfection, there was syrup drizzled on the plate. The the crepe itself was filled with fruit that my mom had blended together. Then served with whip cream and ice cream on top. I love how creative my mom gets.


<3 Brandi

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Out The House

Today I sat in the house with my mom until about 3:30 and we both realized we were VERY bored.
So my mom made a great suggestion...
Mom says "Lets go to the Mall"
Daughter says "Of course, the answer to our boredom"
Today was not that bad, I picked up a couple things on "THE LIST". Once a month, I make a list of things I would like to get or things I like to go done. Just a monthly agenda. The things I purchased on the list today was a mint colored body con skirt from wet seal, also a cute pair of military green pant with a matching shirt. Eventually I will do another Haul once i accumulate enough for a Haul. Next was CVS.
I was on a fellow bloggers page and she was saying how much she saved on makeup at cvs with their rewards. She actually bought $100 worth of stuff and after the person at the counter rang up the savings it ended up being $30. I was so jealous lol. So today while I was out, I thought why not. So i signed up for free. I didn't find a lot of make up in the cvs I was in today but I did find this lovely lavender color lipstick. I bought a NYX color in tan and its a little too much with my complexion so I figured that if I apply the tan color with another color it would look lovely! The lipstick was $8.99 but I got $0.55 off.

Last but not least

<3 Brandi

Friday, May 27, 2011

My First Haul

I know you all have been waiting for the haul video, I been saying I was going to put up and I finally realized how to upload it to my blog. It is actually very simple, I couldn't believe it was that simple. Sounds silly to now think about how much of a hard time I had. I hope you like it and don't forget suggestions are always welcomed.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Spot of Color

My mom's 50th birthday is coming up in July but she wants to have a big birthday party. With every birthday party comes a birthday dress. For such a special occasion you have to look months in advance, like prom lol.
So first we stopped in this boutique that my parents have been friends with the owner for forever. No one really knows about the place because not a lot of people shop in station square. There are not a lot of  known shops are over. The boutique is called New York, New York. Unfortunately...I forgot to get a pic of the boutique and there arent any online.

This is the dress my mom fell in love with

It was a little difficult to find a dress that did not have a prom dress appearance because it is prom session. My mom was a little worried that it looked to young but I encouraged her to get what she likes because 50 is a milestone and she should be proud to look this good and have a body like she does. Thank God for good jeans. Tell me what you guys think about the dress. Honesty welcomed.
After leaving the lovely boutique, we headed to the southside. I love going to the side because it's like its own little community. Southside has an H&M, Southside works(a movie theater),Forever 21, Urban Outiftter, Puma, BCBG, American Eagle and a couple others.


I was so said to see that the ONLY Steve Madden Store in Pittsburgh was closing! I almost shed a tear, now I would have to shop online and wait for shipping or go to Macy's or Nordstroms. 

But from sadness, I did get a new pair of black suede wedges. Great for when fall and winter rolls around. Also from the Forever 21 i picked up a forest green bandage skirt for $12.50, two dainty necklaces one of a ancho and the other is a small look a like elephant tusk, each $1.50 and last but not least a travel sewing kit for $7.80. I had saw the sewing it on the Forever 21 website about two months ago and kept holding off on getting it til finally it wasn't online anymore. That happens to me alot. (I will do a haul on those things.)
And to end the blog with my OOTD(outfit of the day)

<3 Brandi

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleeping with the fishes...

Thursday, the weather finally we broke so it was that time again to get fish for the pond in my backyard. I love going with my parents to pick out the the fish. This year we even got two little tadpoles.  Today it started off as a chilly slightly rainy day. So i started off very warm.

Cardigan: H&M
Necklace:Stole from my mother

Here are some pictures of the pond once the fish were put in

 This is Ruby.
My 8 month of English Bulldog/Rockwilder

<3 Brandi

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Haul Failure

So yesterday I did spend a lot of time working out the kinks in my FIRST HAUL VIDEO. I uploaded it to youtube but i cant post it on here. Any suggestions. I tried just uploading it from my computer to here but I keep getting all these error messages. I am a little frustrated because I did all this work on the Haul and I can even show you guys... I thought maybe its  cuz I have a mac and i know their software does not always comply with everything. So please leave some suggestions because I think tutorials and haul videos will make more blog more welcoming.

<3 Brandi

Haul Videos

So i really been wanting to make a Haul video of all the things I got in Vegas but I don't know where to start.
I guess I could always watch a tutorial on youtube, they have everything on there lol.
I currently have a macbook pro so i have iMovie just never figured it out. I guess today would be a perfect day than any. So today will be spent in my pj's figuring out how to prefect a haul video.
Suggestions are always welcomed!

<3 Brandi

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Online Shopping

I love to internet. It's a lot easier to go internet shopping because sometimes when I shop in stores, I feel a little overwhelmed by all the new arrivals and I go a little crazy as far as spending.
These are a few items I picked up this morning on my most recent internet venture. 



American Apparel (I ordered this skirt. I bought a nail polish this color by Mac called Mint. It looks great on my skin tone.

<3 Brandi

Monday, May 16, 2011

Last Day

Sadly I spend my last full day in Vegas on friday.
It was spent inside MGM
The Flamingo
First it was the lions. Inside of MGM the have a female and male lion with two trainers who play with the lions.

Next it was to the Flamingo, to their wild life habit. These animals are kept outside where they can easily get away but choose not to because they are treated very well. There was an arrangement of animals from koi fish to flamingo's to turtles and ducks

We then returned to the condo to have dinner and go swimming because it was amazingly hot and on our way there...

How cute right :)
<3 Brandi