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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Modern Tribe

Today was the hottest day to date in Pittsburgh. It was 93 degrees. I woke up at 8 in the morning to wake my boyfriend up for his CNA class at eight thirty and it was already 80 degrees.

The day before my mom had talked about taking a day trip to erie beach

but we didn't :(. 

We ended up taking a drive to this store with had a verity of household items. They carried things from kitchen appliances to patio furniture. When the time comes I think I will get my dinning room table from there and they had some really nice leather couches but I had an “L” shaped one in mind but they only had love seats and sofas. After leaving the home goods store we came home&about an hour later there was a horrible  storm.

 The storm left green leafs all over the streets and on porches. To make it even worse my neighbors tree I think was struck by lighting and it feel into our yard. On our deck we have a mini frig with plants and glass on top. All that broke. In the backyard we have a swing set which was knocked over. Later on the power ended up going on which was horrible!

Now for the piece de resistance

<3 Brandi

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