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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vicky Secrets Online Secret

Fashionista’s I have to tell you all about my frustration with Victoria Secrets Online. I guess its my fault for not making sure but IDK. Let me start from the beginning. I went with my parents to the mall a while ago, around my moms birthday. I saw this cute grey Victoria Secret’s Pink sweat suit but the only had the hoodie and pants in a small. A small fits but I feel more comfortable in a medium because I like my sweat suits slouchy.

So I went online and bought what I thought was the sweat suit I saw in stores. I was so excited because online it was on sale. $10 off. Instead of $39.50 for both pieces it would be $29.50. And of course Victoria Secrets Store does not honor anything online, something about they are on different systems. Seems funny fro a big company like Victoria Secrets. The hoodie a medium, the pants a large. I have no clue why a large lol. First it said shipping would be 4 to 14 days and my package took 13 DAYS! UGH! So after waiting 13 days, the hoodie was not the one I saw in stores. They didnt show the back so I assumed it was it. My fault for assuming and their fault for not having additional pictures.

The hoodie I got online
This is the wrong color grey and it only said pink on the back in white and it was faded. It was horrible.

The one I wanted
This is the right grey color

I got free shipping because Victoria Secrets was running a promotion. What I didnt know is that to send it back would cost me $5.99. UGH the things they leave out. I was checking to see when my return had processed and it said I was refunded and it said I had only received like $23. I was so confused so I checked my confirmation email and it said I was charged $5.99. So eventually I got over that. Then there was the complication where on the exchange forum the numbers I wrote down didnt match anything in their system. So instead of calling me to see which item I wanted to exchange it for. They just gave me a refund, So once again I had to call and see what was going on with my exchange item. Thats when the lady informed me of the numbers not matching up so I put in a phone order. But after I thought about it, I would just buy my hoodie in stores so I called back and cancelled my phone order and luckily they had the one I wanted in my size.
I have used this on my blog before lol. I <3 it.

So everything was good, I had my hoodie and I had my sweat pants. So I came home and tried them on together and it did not match at all :( More frustration.  Heather grey should be heather grey. So use the same name for two different colors VERY misleading. So today I sent back the pants which cost me another $5.99. I should of sent the set back together. I did it to myself lol. Never again Victoria Secrets Online will be you get Brandi.

On to happier times with my...DRUM ROLL

I apologize for the darkness, I didnt realize they were this dark til i already uploaded them and put on my p.j.’s lol. This is what i get for using a self timer lol.

<3 Brandi


  1. love this look! the shorts are super cute!

  2. Thanks they are levi’s and you can find them at urban outfitters for like $40 but I think online they are on sale.