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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mac Cosmetics New Collections

While checking my email today, I saw that Mac cosmetics had sent me an email titled

Ladies we all know I immediately got EXCITED

Archies Girls Collection
This is the newest collection which features bright colors
The colors are more for Spring and a little bit of Summer. 
I must say they are gorgeous
Unfortunately the lipstick/lipgloss color I really want is ALL SOLD OUT. 
Sold out at the Mac online Store and on Macy’ 
The first lipstick color is the one I REALLY wanted!!!

Nicki Manji Viva La Glam 2
These two colors right here are AMAZING
Lucky for me I was not too late for these two so I order them before it was too late. 
I think this is a gorgeous transition color. 
Right now my fav lip color is my deep purple thats part of the Rimmel Kate collection and I can not get enough of it.
 I should probably go back and get a couple more for when that one runs out, I’ll be devastated if its discontinued before I can get some more.

Until next day my lovelies

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Haul of 2013

What better way to start off the new year then with a Haul.

I didn’t mention this is the video, but I will not be uploading as many Hauls as you guys are use to. My Love and I have recently decided to take a trip to Jamaica this coming May, for a family destination wedding. At first we were not going to attend but since we plan to have a destination wedding one day we thought it would be a great opportunity to see how things are arranged and to decide if a destination wedding is really for us.

I hope you guys enjoy my first haul of 2013 and stay tuned for a thrifting haul, I picked up a couple things from my local goodwill in Pittsburgh and I went a little over board at one of the high end consignment shops.

The thrift haul will include some juicy d.i.y.’s so subscribe to my youtube channell or to my blog to get updates

Love you guys and talk to you soon

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Best of Twenty Twelve

BEST OF 2012

These are just a couple of pictures that I had posted on my Instagram during 2012


Left to Right
1.DI.Y. project
2.Champagne Christmas
4.Sixers game with my love
6.Movies on Christmas

During a conversation with my parents the other day, I was asked what do I want to accomplish this year. I had to sit and think, of course I want to graduate from college in May and have job I love. This got me thinking that I need to apply myself MORE if I want to do all the things of dreamed of as a little girl.My point is I am turning over a new leaf. I usually dont do New Years Resolutions but this year I am. My Resolution is to push myself more to not be afraid to put myself out. If I want to do my dream job (To Be A Buyer For A High End Company) then I must network more, go places and meet new people that can help me achieve what I want.         I hope that my new found passion and persistent spirit will help you, my readers do the same. step out of your comfort zone and push the envelope.         Until Next time my lovlies         Redlipstick001

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New DO

New Do

Hair DO that is.
Not too long ago I had purchased a curling wand. Initially I was thinking whats the hype? I have a curling iron and that should be good enough. But I had seen all the reviews on youtube and broke down and bought one. 
Of course I was on a mad hunt to find just the right one and every time I found it, it was ridiculous priced if I do say so myself. One day while shopping around one of those discounted stores I found one for just $10. I figured even if it didn't work for $10, I would be just fine. So I bit the bullet and bought it and fell in love.
When I first started experimenting with my curling wand, I have in a sew in (a weave). One day I had tight Shirley Temple curls which would eventually loosen up as the days went by to give me a lovely natural beach wave look.

After taking my sew in out, I wasn't really interested in curling my natural hair. I am on a natural hair journey and didn’t want the heat to damage my hair. 
But the other day I had this deep desire to wand my natural hair. I figured my hair is about 2 weeks old and needs a good wash and I can deep condition my hair to help out with the heat damage. And again I bit the bullet and wanded my natural hair and immediately feel in love!!!!!!

In the morning they are a little too tight (my curls) and after about an hour or sometimes I’ll just separate the  curls (NOT finger combing) and it looks amazing.
The dilemma now is that everyday I want to wand my hair but of course thats that very healthy to my hair. Now I am on another hurt to figure out how I can style my natural hair to get those same effortless waves without heat and lasting longer than a day.
I hope that you all will leave me some suggestions below and I’ll keep you up to date on what does and does not work for me.
Toodles my lovelies

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January Wish List

1.Lioness Necklace
2.Dr.Martins in Shirazz
4.Christian Louboutin Intern Flat
5.Neon Beanies
6.Givenchy Inspired Rottweiler Hoodie

I know your thinking, she’s been missing again lol. I just cant seem to get the hang of continuously making post, especially seeing as I have not been inspired to get dressed. I promise once college starts back up January 27th, I will have a reason to get all dressed up.

On another note, I know Christmas has just ended and I’m already making another wish list but this Christmas was different I only asked for money because I didn't want anything, I didn't a need like I usually do for EVERYTHING lol. And now I finally do. So far I’ve ordered one thing on my list which is my Dr.Martens, first I couldn't decided on what color I wanted, it was between the shirazz, neon yellow, neon pink and white but I decided that the Shirazz is better for this time of year but I promise those other colors are in my near future lol.

Well thats it for this blog post. I will be uploading some of the videos I have posted on my youtube channel. As usual subscribe to that channel, I update that channel a whole lot more!!!

Bye My Lovlies