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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The apartment hunt

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. fashionista. I spent the tuesday and wednesday in Philadelphia looking for either an apartment or a house to rent. Because of Pennsylvania educational budget cuts, it will be cheaper for me to live off campus.
Tuesday I had to appointments lined up.  The first one was a house for rent which the realtor ended up canceling the appointment because he was going to be super late which was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! The second was also a house for rent or which I thought. The ad said house for rent and when I get there, its really just a room for rent by this man who used the downstairs as is photography studio! I am sorry but I cant just RENT A ROOM. I have too much stuff and I would not feel comfortable with me and this man all day. 
The last place was the third floor apartment in a triplex. I was really excited because the building looked nice on the outside and the pictures were also. The realtor gets there and proceeds to explain that he could not get in contact with the owner so he could not show me the place because he didnt leave a key. GREAT!
Wednesday was spent as a fail also except for one place that offered $100 off every month as a student discount. That place was an apartment and it was beautiful. The only down fall is no balcony or terrance and they dont allow dogs over 35lbs. So my baby Ruby couldnt come.
Idk what I would do if i had to leave her at home for another 13 months :( I guess I got a lot of thinking to do.

Today was spent riding bikes with my sister and niece. My niece just learned to ride her back without training wheels so now thats all she wants to do. My niece Hailee was also my photographer.

The Photographer

<3 Brandi

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