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Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedge Sneakers...YAY or NAY???

As usually for Fall riding boots and uggs are a must.
 But a new Fashion item is Wedge Sneakers
I first spotted wedge sneakers on Instagram
A friend of mines had bought a pair and she had given a sneak peak of what they looked like and I fell in love.
Below are the ones she bought. These are by Steve Madden NOT Isabel Marant. GREAT knock offs right!!!
After seeing hers on the hunt I went lol. I feel that if I am going to purchase a pair of wedge sneakers I want something with a little color. First I considered getting the Isabel Marant ones because my birthday is coming up and I thought I would treat myself.
Unfortunately they are SOLD OUT everywhere. And I mean everywhere.
SO then I saw on tumblr that Steve Madden had came out with their own edition of the wedge sneaker. HALF THE PRICE w/ THE SAME GREAT COLOR COMBOS
For now I have let go of my love for the red Isabel Marant 
My problem now is that I just cant seem to pick which pair I want.
First I had decided on these
But then I cam across these
I know the second pair is going to be great for Fall with the color combo. The dark gray and navy blue and especially that yellow but I cant help but to feel connected to the first pair. Seeing as how they were the first pair that caught my eye.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday Wish List

So it is that time of the year again where I prepare myself financially for...MY BIRTHDAY!!!

For you guys who don’t know my birthday is October 29th. Yes I know a little over a  month and I am so freaking EXCITED. I will be the BIG 21 and I cant control myself.
I will officially be considered an adult in the worlds eyes. lol My family knows I am an adult, thats who I wont include them in that. While my family was here for Labor Day Weekend my parents had asked what I wanted. Every years I just ask for money and to go shopping but of course for my 21st they thought I would want something a little different.

Well I sorta want something different. I still want money lol but I dont want to go shopping. I am maturing and learning that its about quality not quantity. I use to what to get as much stuff as I could and wouldn't care if the quality was crappy well NOT ANYMORE. I am turning over a new leaf, well I hope.

This year I decided to purchase some MAJOR items I have been putting off for a LONG LONG time.
Chanel Wallet on a chain
Chanel Leather Sneaker
Steve Madden Wedge Sneaker
American Apparel Black Disco Pant
To get these items it means 
for the next 2 months. 
Please wish me luck in my journey.
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day My Lovlies

These past couple of days have been so exciting.  I spent time with my love, family and friends. I took loads of photos this weekend and it was hard for me to narrow them down to a select few. I wish I could upload all 600 of them lol.  My parents showed up in Delaware at about 10 o’clock friday night so that way saturday we could have an early start to OCEAN CITY MARYLAND
I apologize for not having any pictures of the scenery. I was the one driving so I could drive and take pictures lol. I am a cautious driver.
We woke up around 8 o’clock saturday to get dressed and head out. We stopped for breakfast at iHop so that put us an hour behind. We arrived at maybe 12 o’clock. I’m not 100% sure. But as soon as we got to Ocean City there were little showers and it made us all very nervous. We had just drove about 2 1/2 hours for nothing but in a matter a minutes the sun came out and it was a beaming 94 degrees.

While at Ocean City, we even got to see a wonderful moment in every couples life aside from kids...A WEDDING. Earlier that day we had saw the Bride and Groom walking around in their attire and we had assumed that they had already got married and wanted to come to the beach. But after walking the entire board walk and making our way back to the car we came across the pictures of the bridal party. It got me thinking maybe I want a wedding on the beach and not the traditional wedding. IDK lol

Thanks guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned because in the days to come, I’ll have the post of Atlantic City. Saturday was Ocean City and sunday was Atlantic City. 
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to style: CROP TOPS

Recently I bought a B.E.A.U.tiful sleeveless turtleneck crop top from ASOS for about $13 and free shipping. When I saw the item online I had immediately fallen in love with the burgundy color.

 I remember thinking this will be great in the fall with a sweater over top maybe some jean shorts and tights and riding boots. I had a whole vision in my head.

Today was really nice in Pittsburgh. The sun was shining, the air was still and I thought today would be a great day to bust out my crop top. I did a little running around with my mom and once I got home, I had the great idea to do my first how to style video. I ran to my room and started putting outfits together. I grabbed my tripod and headed outside to my moms garden to film. The video turned out wonderful. I am making little adjustments to the video and it will be up soon I promise
for now here are some awesome photo.
 Top: ASOS Crop Top with Polo Neck in Dark Red
Skirt: Tjmaxx
Shoes: From DSW Brand unknown 
Watch: Michael Kors Gold Runway Watch

 Lovely flowers from my moms garden. I am not sure what kind they are. I dont have a green thumb.

Necklace: Forever 21 Gold Chain Link

Watch: Michael Kors Gold Runway Watch

Top: ASOS Crop Top with Polo Neck in Dark Red

Pants: H&M Rinding Pants

Shoes: Steve Madden

A little girl back by the pond makes her cameo 
 Necklace: Forever 21 Gold Chain Link

Watch:Juicy Couture Black Rubber Band Watch

Belt: Forever 21 Braided Black Belt

Top: ASOS Crop Top with Polo Neck in Dark Red

Shorts: Urban Outfitters High Waisted Distressed Levi Shorts

Shoes: DSW Brand Unknown
I am just taking in the flowers
 Another plant from my moms garden which I have no idea what the name is.
  Necklace: Vintage from my mom

Watch: Michael Kors

Top: ASOS Crop Top with Polo Neck in Dark Red

Skirt: Forever 21 Black Chiffon Maxi Skrit

Shoes: DSW Brand Unknown

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I hope you all enjoyed

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Enjoying Pittsburgh

I recently took a trip home to get out my last “HORRAY” before my senior of college starts. I am so excited for this chapter of my life to be ending.
However I have decided to get my masters in Business Management. More school awaits me.
BUT...this post is not to be about school.
 I wanted to post some pictures of my week so far. Its been nothing but FUN! Saturday my whole immediate family took a trip to one of Pittsburgh's semi local amusement parks IDLEWILD!!! The park itself had nothing to offer when it came to roller coasters but the water park was AMAZING aside from the weather not being completely up to par lol. But here are just a few pictures from the park

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures I provided.
I have already taken picture for some outfits of the day and I have additional videos on my youtube channel so please check it out HERE
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