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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

This is only a Happy Thanksgiving post.



I had started with going to do an OOTD. But when I went to take the pictures everything did not turn out how I expected. First and for most I am in Pittsburgh not Philadelphia at my moms house. So I am not in my usual setting for taking pictures. I took some in my parents closet because I liked the background of the clothes.

When I do OOTD’s I take about 20 pictures and then from those pictures I eliminate the ones I don’t want. I did want I usually do but when I went back to choose. My face in the majority of them looked a whole lot more GHOSTLY. To me honest it scared me because I never experienced this before. It’s clear it;s my make up but I didn’t change anything in my full face routine.
Please give me some suggestions. 
On my problem 
First I primed my face with L’oreal base, next was my under eye concealer, then my foundation, next a VERY small amount of my Maybelline Translucent powder and last was my Revlon Colorstay powder. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. 
Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is enjoying this turkey day. Smile and laugh a lot with your family and make sure you express your love for them because who knows what can change from this Thanksgiving to the next

<3 Brandi

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I have been so in the Christmas spirit. I have been picking out all kinds of goodies for my family. And the other day my mom asked “What would I like from Santa this year?” and I completely forgot about myself. The true meaning of christmas is about other people. Spending time with your family and enjoying the time you have together. But when my mom asked, it got me thinking...

HHHMMM...What do I want.

So I started looking around what is in this season and I came up with a list.

Please note. I know I will not get all these things for christmas. I am NOT expecting all these things but a girl CAN DREAM. right?

Like I said previously I am asking for a lot. I am not expecting the Red Jumbo Chanel. But I know my mom already got the watch and is working on the smaller Chanel. Maybe later on in the year I will treat myself. First I have to find a place that sells Chanel in the states. The Saks have started taking out their Chanel Boutiques. My mom was saying to check Blomingdales or Lord And Taylor.
If you all know if a place in Philadelphia or Delaware that sells Chanel please let me know because I have been crushing on this Red Jumbo Chanel for almost a year. lol


<3 Brandi

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


SO I apologize for being M.I.A. lately. I know post like this one have been coming in very frequently. When I lived my parents shooting was simple because I could ask my mom to snap some quick pictures but at my new place it is so much easier to record videos. So I have been frequently updating my youtube channel and letting my blog slide.

Over the summer the only thing I worried about was my blog. But since August rolled around life has been a little crazy. First my move from Pittsburgh, Pa to Delaware. Then school and after school was work. Somewhere between working 5 days a week and going to school 2 days a week every now and then I manage to find time to make a video and no time to take a couple pictures.

I have yet to fully finish furnishing the place. It is filled with a lot of cream colored walls that are very boring for OOTD backgrounds. On top of the boring backgrounds I have absolutely no ceiling lights besides in the bathroom and kitchen so lighting is bad and then the most important reason why I don’t take pictures is because I don’t have a single idea where to set my camera to take self portraits. At my parents house I would set my phone on my tall dress and turn on the self timer. Now my tall dresser is in my walk in closet so when taking pictures I don’t get the complete effect I would like which oh so often frustrates me.

My solution to my horrible problem is to buy a tripod. I just been holding off on getting one. This time of the year I am looking for christmas gifts and a gift for boyfriend because his birthday is in december. Buying stuff for myself is a little out of the question. With that being said unfortunately there won’t be any huge fashion hauls. I will use this time to get a nice collection of drugstore make up so I can a haul, review and tutorial on the drugstore products that I use.

Also if you live somewhere where there is a CVS I would recommend signing up for their rewards card it is the greatest thing EVER. I recently bought Revlons color stay foundation for combination skin from CVS and because I use their card I got immediate rewards which was a $5 any purchase. There is no minimum. I have managed to collect 3 different coupons totaling about $10. I’m going to use these current coupons to get a face primer for my foundation and a better under eye concealer.  Suggestions are always welcomed. Something oil free please for my oh so oily skin lol.

Well i know this was a long blog entry, probably very boring all words and no pictures no inspirational pictures.

I do however have a youtube video seeing as how that has started to take up the LITTLE bit of free time I do have between school and work,

I hope you enjoy. As always thank you for watching and reading. Please check out my youtube channell. I would love to go a subscriber give away but first I need to build my subbies.
My Channel

<3 Brandi

Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday Make Up Haul 11-2

This is a haul video I did the other day. 
A fashion haul will be coming soon!
I’m patiently awaiting for a pair of Steve Madden Leopard Print Loafers

As usually my lovely subscribers Thanks for watching
If your interested in seeing some of my other videos check out my YouTube channel

<3 Brandi

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My week in Pittsburgh,Pa(not including my birthday)

I enjoyed my time home for my birthday so much! It was amazing. The last time I was home was the middle of August and I know it hasnt been that long since I was last home but my family is very close so to me it felt like FOREVER.

       I got to Pittsburgh at around 2. My mom picked me up. I was a little tired from sitting in the airport and the flight itself. Flying always makes me tired especially when I get to the airport too early and have to wait a little over 2 hours. Lol. (I really really didnt want to be late). So I went home and just relaxed. I spent time with my babies. Ruby and Diamond.

Ruby actually makes a guest appearance in my ootd on saturday.

        I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned to you guys how many people in my immediate family have birthdays in October. I am horrible with remembering the exact days but I do know the order. My big brother is first, next my nephew, then my niece then me. Crazy right. Well my parents had already gave everyone their gifts besides my niece. My mom wanted me to be there. Around 7 before her bedtime we stopped over with her gift.


       Both my parents had to work so I spend majority of the daw relaxing. Once they got off we went to Target, I wanted to check out their E.L.F stuff and I got goodies. (Haul video coming SOON). Then we went to visit my grandfatherI love him so much and my memories with him as a child are so vivid and humorous. No matter when or where he has this joking  spirit. He is always cracking jokes or messing with someone some how. When I went to visit him, he would pull hair gently and I would turn around and he would look away and whistle, as if it wasnt him lol.

     Oh yes! Friday was filled with things to do! I was so excited about being back in my hometown and stuffed months worth of missing my city into one day lol. It started with an early trip downtwon. To a great spa where I got my underarms waxed. Also a very interesting thing, dont think its weird lol but... The lady at the spa convinced me to get my upper lip waxed. NOT BECAUSE I HAVE A MUSTACHE! 
    She was explaining to me that once you start waxing on a consistent basis, that the hair wont grow back. I knew that already but she started to explain that if a lot of these older women would have been waxing their upper lips when they were younger they wouldnt have beards and mustaches. I started thinking...

I dont want to be one of those old women! I should start now while I am young. lol. I definitely dont have any regrets on choosing to wax my upper lip, it hurt a little like all waxing does. And I know I would have to consistently wax my upper lip for the next 2 or 3 years but it wont be a problem. When I get my underarms and legs waxed, I’ll include upper lip. Hopefully it wasnt for nothing, future speaking. 
     After the waxing we stopped in Saks Fifth Avenue to take a look a some Channel bags. (Thats what I am asking for this Christmas). And THEY TOOK THE CHANNEL BOUTIQUE OUT! I was so hurt when I walked into the Channel Boutique and it was filled with Burberry! It was heart breaking! I was immediately ready to go! But my mom wanted to look at shoes and show me a couple Bobbi Brown products. 
   Then it was to the mall! The wonderful, wonderful mall. I went to the mall closes to my house which is really a dying mall. But all I needed was a Gap( I love their sweaters), Forever 21 and a Macy’s. I didnt find anything at that Gap unfortunately. Forever 21 I got a pair of flared burgundy jeans. Then to Macy’s for a little M.A.C. love but unfortunately, they only had 2 people working and they both were doing Halloween make up so they didnt help much so I didnt get anything.

       Last was to my FAVORITE drug store of all time CVS. I love CVS because of their rewards card. With you receipt you get immediate rewards. I mean like big time reward. For example my mom bought an eye solution and on her receipt she had a $15 off coupon and it HAD NO MINIUM! Of course I stole it and bought make up lol. Here is a list, I will also be doing a YouTube video on my NEW CAMERA in 1080 HD so you can see the items. 
After CVS home we went for dinner.
<3 Brandi
P.S. This post was starting to get lengthy so the actual day of my birthday is not included. I will post that tomorrow. I want to be able to have time to include the products I used on my face and a quick ootd from before the birthday dinner.