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Friday, June 10, 2011


Today my mom signed us up to get our legs, underarms and upper lips waxed. I have got my upper lip waxed before about this time in 2009. I was a little embarrassed, I had started to notice little wisp of hair and I was of i gotta take care of this. The first time my eyes watered but I was happy with the result. So when my mom mentioned about getting our legs and underarms I was open to it.  My mom gets her legs waxed on a regular and I was admire it.
I actually ended up enjoying getting my legs waxed. Behind the knees was extremely hard. My mom has been getting a legs waxed going on three years and because of her thin leg hairs they have to continually wax and I felt her pain. At first I didnt want to get my legs waxed but I figured why not. The hot wax was poured from my ankles to my knees, and after a couple minutes of drying its was ripped off my legs lol.

Next it was my underarms. It was the worst because of years of shaving the hair has become even more coarse than my natural african American hair. So of course the wax was placed on each underarm 6 times and each time it ripped out more and more little coarse hair. Looking at the hair I was a little grossed out. When you see underarm hair in a razor it looks like normal hair from your head but seeing the hair on the wax, it was nasty lol. After waxing each underarm 6 times, there were still little wisp of hair and for that reason, I ended up having to have the little hairs tweezed. Which I did not go for at all so that didnt last long. That pain was like no other.

The easiest part was the upper lip. The wax was laid over my top lip 3 times and then pulled off and that was it. No more little hairs. The first couple of times i got it done, the wax didn't remove all the hair so I had to get it tweezed, at both corners of my mouth. The tweezing of the upper lip is different from tweezing on your underarms. Actually I think that lady who tweezed my underarms was grabbling skin while tweezing the wisp of hairs but I'm not for sure.
Also a known fact is that.... AFTER WAXING FOR A COUPLE OF HAIRS, THE HAIR MAY NEVER GROW BACK. Yes thats right ladies, a hairless body. Sounds amazing right. All in all, 

Also today at the Macy's of downtown pittsburgh "Miss Lawrence" was there. "Miss Lawrence" is a from the real housewives of Atlanta. 

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<3 Brandi

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