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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new cheetah style

Today was a pretty lazy day. I just sat in the house enjoying just relaxing and watching tv. Usually I am so motivated to get out the house and do something but this friday my mom and sister planned for us to take a trip to Avalon Exchange in Mt. Lebanon and I want to save all the money I can so I can buy everything I want.  The only Avalon Exchange I knew of was the one in Squirrel Hill (pittsburgh,pennsylvania). After visiting one day and buying this gorgeous faux fur vest by urban outfitters that had the original tag attached saying its $99.98 and it was on sale there for $24.99. I wanted to see if there were any other ones and there were. I told my mom about it and she because of where it is located that they would have some great items. So I am super excited.
While enjoying my day I decided that I wanted to repaint my nails. The were a pretty violet color. While looking up some designs I came across and gorgeous one and replicated it and here is my outcome.

If you want to get this look leave a comment and I will do a tutorial on it but it is pretty easy. They have a lot of them on youtube actually. Thats only if you don't want to wait for mine.

<3 Brandi

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  1. The fur vest is so awesome! :)