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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I couldn't think of a name for today's blog so I left it blank lol. Today I was so eager to get out the house and luckily my mom came home right before I pulled all my hair out. She made a suggestion that we do some running around. First we went to Sam's to go grocery shopping and get gas. If your located near a Sam's I suggest that you get a Sam's Club Car. The membership cost about $30 and you large qualities of items and a great deal on gas. After Sam's we ran to Jo Ann fabric my mom loves to sew and be creative so she feels right at home there. Next we went to a thrift store. My mom dropped off some old clothes while I looked around. I found two amazing blazers. One is purple and the other is pink. The pink one doesn't have a linen so I have to put one in, made a white silk or a pin stripe, either one will look great. I will eventually do another haul to include some other great items I got. These two blazers came to $7.98. Can't beat that. After the thrift store we made our way back home, were I decided to take some OOTD pictures.

<3 Brandi


  1. I love thrift stores, but I never find colorful blazers. Only colors that I see is grey and black and I have both of them.

    p.s. love the outfit, especially the denim vest