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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A New Journey

Today was the first day of gathering stuff for my apartment or house. I still have not decided on which one I want but the rent in Philadelphia is so high that I cant see putting that amount of money to something that I dont and wont own. Today my mom took me out to the Lenox outlet. It is just a warehouse that has all kinds of china,casual dining and other things one might need for their dinning room. Since I haven't decided about an apartment or a house, I'm going to stick to casual dinning wear. My boyfriend has a 3 year old son so nothing too over the top for casual dinning. It was difficult to decide because my boyfriend was not with me so I had to think of his taste. Here are some pictures of some of the casual dinning wear.

The white is the one I feel in love with. It is so clean. My mom didnt like she said it was plan. lol and by the time my boyfriend got the pictures and replied we had already left, without any dishes. I did get some silverwear and a couple of serving trays because I plan to entertain people. I love having people over, to watch a fight or a football or basketball game. With me being from Pittsburgh, I do LOVE those STEELERS lol.
Every year around this time Pittsburgh has their annual arts festival. There a tons of little white tents with people selling their unique and original artwork. I arrived a t 8 30 and it was over at 9 so I didnt get any pictures artwork. After you get through the white tents with art, there are more white tents these ones just contain food such as funnel cake, deep fried Oreos and cheese fries. Every year the also have live bands. I didnt catch the name of the band today which I feel horrible about because they were really good.

(outfit of the day)

<3 Brandi

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