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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting Dirty

I was sleeping peacefully til my mother woke me up to ask me to help her mover mulch around. For the readers who dont know mulch is compost that is used for dirt and it STINKS! My mom went to a store and bought the mulch, they put it in my uncles pick up truck she drove it home and it was up to us to move it. It look hours in the hot son and we both smelled so bad lol. After we were done I smelled so bad that aside dont showering I washed my hair because I know it would have a funny smell and didnt want to walk around with it smelling funny lol.

I dont know if i mentioned it before but for a moment I was doing the natural thing and that went on since spring break which was sometime in march. Finally I broke down and needed to do something with my because I like to wear it out and flat ironing it was not working. So I decided to get what my mom gets which is a keratin.
So far I have been in love with it. My roots are still a little puffy but I think after a while the will become flat. Once you get a keratin you can ONLY wash your hair with their shampoo and conditioner because anything else can potentially wash out the keratin. Another thing is that you cant use products that contain sodium chloride. That will also eliminate the keratin.

Here is the Shampoo&Conditioner.
After getting dressed we stopped at a shoe store called "Littles". This shoe store is infamous in pittsburgh. They carry all popular brands. Today we went looking for arizona Birkenstock. I use to have a pair when I was little but I out grew them and I started to notice that they are back in style so I went on a hunt for a pair. At first I want the brown pair but I have enough brown sandals. I realized I have no white so why not go with white. Unfortunately they didnt carry that color in stores so I had to order them. 
Here is a picture
Here is my OOTD
(outfit of the day)

<3 Brandi


  1. Love your hat!

    Also I want to thank you for leaving your blog's URL on my forum question 'PUT YOUR FASHIONBLOG HERE' on Chictopia, I really appreciate it!

    Hope to hear more from you in the future!


    Rock 'n Style

  2. I like the color of your short:)