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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So I been going through a lot of videos on youtube and I am slowly starting to realize I want to be more activate with the blogging scene but... I am not sure where to start. Most videos are tutorials and there isnt anything I do extremely well that I would want to share with everyone.

Is it cheesy to just re do some of the other videos on youtube, like the hair and nail tutorials and just put my own little spin on it?

I would have to work up to the make up tutorials. A normal day of make up for me is just eyeliner and mascara and if I’m feeling fancy lol, I’ll add my lashes. I want to become more girly and wear more make up when necessary, not just cake it on for a regular day. Only for special events. This raises another problem.
I use to be a semi party girl. As in I was at all the events, not like some crazy teenager gone wild lol. Maybe I will just start out with my monthly favorites, I love a lot of those videos. 

Well my lovely readers be on the look out for some tutorials coming soon.

<3 Brandi

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