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Thursday, April 28, 2011


So today official starts may weekend as my university likes to call it. May weekend is just where all the students realize before finals week and all the fraternity's cook out and make their "juices". I am so excited, May weekend is comparable to a spring fling.

On saturday, we are actually having a concert.


Roscoe Dash

I am so excited because for our other concert, meek millz, a local philly artists and Gucci Mane were suppose to come but....Gucci Mane didnt show :(

I stil have no clue what I'm going to wear and of course a lot of people are telling me to just wear something in my closet cuz I have a lot of stuff. But I cant, its the summer time and the only thing I want to do is shop lol. I found some really cute stuff on the forever 21 and charlotte russe website. I will post them for you guys to  leave comments but I still think its to casual for a concert.

<3 Brandi

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