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Sunday, April 10, 2011


So today I finally decided on a new phone. YAY! I decided on the Verizon wireless thunderbolt.
At first I was going to get the iPhone 4 from Verizon but I decided I liked the bigger screen and that I wasn't just ready to join team iPhone.
So now that I ordered my phone, it is time to accessorize. So I went to youtube as usual for ideas and I ran into a great fashion blogger. She showed this elaborate iPhone and iPod case and I immediately feel in love with it.
Sharyn Ochoa

All you have to do is search their inventory for your phone or if they dont have your model you can call or email and tell them which design you want and the model of your phone and they will send it out in a maximum of 2 weeks because they all are handcrafted. I emailed them on friday and I am wait for a response and once I get it, I will make my first official video review about the case.

<3 Brandi

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