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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Finals week is just around the corner. UGH! I am so excited to leave, to only come back lol. My first final is TOMORROW!!! I know I'm going to do well, I haven't missed a class in so long and I did the study guide so hopefully that will be enough for me to ace it.

I go home next friday and then it off to VEGAS saturday morning. I would really like to have time to shop before I leave. Vegas seems so fashion forward and I just want to make sure than I am up to par with everyone else lol.

All I need in my like are three stores




and on a very good day lol


I am also very sad that with leaving Philadelphia, I am leaving my boyfriend...I know it will only be for a little cuz I know he will come to Pittsburgh to come see me and I know that I will eventually be back to Philadelphia for not only school but also because we have decided that after one year and seven months that we are ready for a place together. :) August in the fun part. Moving in and buying furniture and decorating and really making it our own home. I cant wait, this is something I have been looking forward too for so long!!!

lol i know this is extrmeme for a first time home buyer
 I can dream cant I

<3 Brandi

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