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Sunday, January 13, 2013

New DO

New Do

Hair DO that is.
Not too long ago I had purchased a curling wand. Initially I was thinking whats the hype? I have a curling iron and that should be good enough. But I had seen all the reviews on youtube and broke down and bought one. 
Of course I was on a mad hunt to find just the right one and every time I found it, it was ridiculous priced if I do say so myself. One day while shopping around one of those discounted stores I found one for just $10. I figured even if it didn't work for $10, I would be just fine. So I bit the bullet and bought it and fell in love.
When I first started experimenting with my curling wand, I have in a sew in (a weave). One day I had tight Shirley Temple curls which would eventually loosen up as the days went by to give me a lovely natural beach wave look.

After taking my sew in out, I wasn't really interested in curling my natural hair. I am on a natural hair journey and didn’t want the heat to damage my hair. 
But the other day I had this deep desire to wand my natural hair. I figured my hair is about 2 weeks old and needs a good wash and I can deep condition my hair to help out with the heat damage. And again I bit the bullet and wanded my natural hair and immediately feel in love!!!!!!

In the morning they are a little too tight (my curls) and after about an hour or sometimes I’ll just separate the  curls (NOT finger combing) and it looks amazing.
The dilemma now is that everyday I want to wand my hair but of course thats that very healthy to my hair. Now I am on another hurt to figure out how I can style my natural hair to get those same effortless waves without heat and lasting longer than a day.
I hope that you all will leave me some suggestions below and I’ll keep you up to date on what does and does not work for me.
Toodles my lovelies

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