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Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedge Sneakers...YAY or NAY???

As usually for Fall riding boots and uggs are a must.
 But a new Fashion item is Wedge Sneakers
I first spotted wedge sneakers on Instagram
A friend of mines had bought a pair and she had given a sneak peak of what they looked like and I fell in love.
Below are the ones she bought. These are by Steve Madden NOT Isabel Marant. GREAT knock offs right!!!
After seeing hers on the hunt I went lol. I feel that if I am going to purchase a pair of wedge sneakers I want something with a little color. First I considered getting the Isabel Marant ones because my birthday is coming up and I thought I would treat myself.
Unfortunately they are SOLD OUT everywhere. And I mean everywhere.
SO then I saw on tumblr that Steve Madden had came out with their own edition of the wedge sneaker. HALF THE PRICE w/ THE SAME GREAT COLOR COMBOS
For now I have let go of my love for the red Isabel Marant 
My problem now is that I just cant seem to pick which pair I want.
First I had decided on these
But then I cam across these
I know the second pair is going to be great for Fall with the color combo. The dark gray and navy blue and especially that yellow but I cant help but to feel connected to the first pair. Seeing as how they were the first pair that caught my eye.

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