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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Enjoying Pittsburgh

I recently took a trip home to get out my last “HORRAY” before my senior of college starts. I am so excited for this chapter of my life to be ending.
However I have decided to get my masters in Business Management. More school awaits me.
BUT...this post is not to be about school.
 I wanted to post some pictures of my week so far. Its been nothing but FUN! Saturday my whole immediate family took a trip to one of Pittsburgh's semi local amusement parks IDLEWILD!!! The park itself had nothing to offer when it came to roller coasters but the water park was AMAZING aside from the weather not being completely up to par lol. But here are just a few pictures from the park

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures I provided.
I have already taken picture for some outfits of the day and I have additional videos on my youtube channel so please check it out HERE
Also follow me on Instagram: redlipstick001 I upload pictures on there much more frequent

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