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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

This is only a Happy Thanksgiving post.



I had started with going to do an OOTD. But when I went to take the pictures everything did not turn out how I expected. First and for most I am in Pittsburgh not Philadelphia at my moms house. So I am not in my usual setting for taking pictures. I took some in my parents closet because I liked the background of the clothes.

When I do OOTD’s I take about 20 pictures and then from those pictures I eliminate the ones I don’t want. I did want I usually do but when I went back to choose. My face in the majority of them looked a whole lot more GHOSTLY. To me honest it scared me because I never experienced this before. It’s clear it;s my make up but I didn’t change anything in my full face routine.
Please give me some suggestions. 
On my problem 
First I primed my face with L’oreal base, next was my under eye concealer, then my foundation, next a VERY small amount of my Maybelline Translucent powder and last was my Revlon Colorstay powder. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. 
Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is enjoying this turkey day. Smile and laugh a lot with your family and make sure you express your love for them because who knows what can change from this Thanksgiving to the next

<3 Brandi

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