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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sorry  about my recent M.I.A. Things as usual have been hectic with school and work. This semester is finally done. It ended with all A’s and B’s and a 2.8 gpa. I know, I know it should be over a 3.0 but due to other circumstances in previous semesters I am working hard to get things back on track. However I am very excited about my great grades.

Things will change I promise. I just arrived home TODAY! This very day at about 9:30 and the first thing I did besides have a great breakfast was write this entry. Thats how much I have missed you guys that I thought I have to immediately update. This is my first blogger christmas and I am so excited to share EVERY waking moment with you guys. Next year I think I’ll do a 12 days of Christmas thing. This year I wasn’t really thinking about it but I can almost promise for something like that this time next year.

Now that I have updated you guys the next step is to take a nap lol. I just got off the P.A. Turnpike, spent a whole 3 and 1/2 hours on that things alone. Just me and my good old iPod. Not to mention the slow drivers and the state trooper trying to get me lol. J.K. I drive according to all P.A. Turnpike rules and regulations ;)...

Talk to you guys soon

<3 Brandi

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