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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


SO I apologize for being M.I.A. lately. I know post like this one have been coming in very frequently. When I lived my parents shooting was simple because I could ask my mom to snap some quick pictures but at my new place it is so much easier to record videos. So I have been frequently updating my youtube channel and letting my blog slide.

Over the summer the only thing I worried about was my blog. But since August rolled around life has been a little crazy. First my move from Pittsburgh, Pa to Delaware. Then school and after school was work. Somewhere between working 5 days a week and going to school 2 days a week every now and then I manage to find time to make a video and no time to take a couple pictures.

I have yet to fully finish furnishing the place. It is filled with a lot of cream colored walls that are very boring for OOTD backgrounds. On top of the boring backgrounds I have absolutely no ceiling lights besides in the bathroom and kitchen so lighting is bad and then the most important reason why I don’t take pictures is because I don’t have a single idea where to set my camera to take self portraits. At my parents house I would set my phone on my tall dress and turn on the self timer. Now my tall dresser is in my walk in closet so when taking pictures I don’t get the complete effect I would like which oh so often frustrates me.

My solution to my horrible problem is to buy a tripod. I just been holding off on getting one. This time of the year I am looking for christmas gifts and a gift for boyfriend because his birthday is in december. Buying stuff for myself is a little out of the question. With that being said unfortunately there won’t be any huge fashion hauls. I will use this time to get a nice collection of drugstore make up so I can a haul, review and tutorial on the drugstore products that I use.

Also if you live somewhere where there is a CVS I would recommend signing up for their rewards card it is the greatest thing EVER. I recently bought Revlons color stay foundation for combination skin from CVS and because I use their card I got immediate rewards which was a $5 any purchase. There is no minimum. I have managed to collect 3 different coupons totaling about $10. I’m going to use these current coupons to get a face primer for my foundation and a better under eye concealer.  Suggestions are always welcomed. Something oil free please for my oh so oily skin lol.

Well i know this was a long blog entry, probably very boring all words and no pictures no inspirational pictures.

I do however have a youtube video seeing as how that has started to take up the LITTLE bit of free time I do have between school and work,

I hope you enjoy. As always thank you for watching and reading. Please check out my youtube channell. I would love to go a subscriber give away but first I need to build my subbies.
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<3 Brandi

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