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Sunday, November 20, 2011


I have been so in the Christmas spirit. I have been picking out all kinds of goodies for my family. And the other day my mom asked “What would I like from Santa this year?” and I completely forgot about myself. The true meaning of christmas is about other people. Spending time with your family and enjoying the time you have together. But when my mom asked, it got me thinking...

HHHMMM...What do I want.

So I started looking around what is in this season and I came up with a list.

Please note. I know I will not get all these things for christmas. I am NOT expecting all these things but a girl CAN DREAM. right?

Like I said previously I am asking for a lot. I am not expecting the Red Jumbo Chanel. But I know my mom already got the watch and is working on the smaller Chanel. Maybe later on in the year I will treat myself. First I have to find a place that sells Chanel in the states. The Saks have started taking out their Chanel Boutiques. My mom was saying to check Blomingdales or Lord And Taylor.
If you all know if a place in Philadelphia or Delaware that sells Chanel please let me know because I have been crushing on this Red Jumbo Chanel for almost a year. lol


<3 Brandi

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