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Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday to MOI!

Happy Birthday to MOI!
At 12:00 on October 29th
I turned the big 20.
I am so excited about my birthday. Its not as great as sweet 16 or 21 but its special because I given another year to spend with my family and friends. 
I have been doing this blog since May, I think and I have felt so much love and support from my subscribers on blogspot, Chictopia and YouTube
You all are wonderful and special to me
Without your comments and criticism I would not have been able to grow so much.
My birthday started off with me picking up my Aunt Bev from the airport at 12:15
My Aunt Bev lives in California and ever year she comes to Pittsburgh for my birthday and I love her for that. She can choose to come at other times but its always like a day before my birthday. This year she landed at 12:02 on my birthday which made it super special that she brought it in with me.
This post was made at 2:00a.m. s o please stay tuned for an out of the night for when I go to dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory (my favorite restaurant of all time) with my family for my birthday. 

Also look out for a birthday haul. It will include my new camera, clothes and a couple makeup items I got. I might have to make two because I ordered a Michael Kors Hamilton bag and a pair of Steve Madden Leopard Print Wedges that wont be here til the 5th but I don't think I want to wait til the 5ht for a haul. But tell me what you all think. If you want me to do one with the items I have I will or if you want me to wait I will.
I am not returning to bed but first a look over the past couple of months.

<3 Brandi

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