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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome to PITTSBURGH!

Hey everyone!

I know my blogging has been SO inconsistent but.. I have great news!

It all is going to STOP! As you know this coming saturday is my BIRTHDAY!
(I used this same picture for my moms birthday lol)

But I ended up treating myself to...

Yes ladies and gentlemen. I had finally decided officially on a camera. I was going back and forth for the longest about which camera would do everything I needed to do.

I dont think you understand how excited I am to try and take my blogging and my youtube (MY CHANNEL) channel to a new high!
This camera has 16x zoom for the make up videos I plan to do.
(I was previously using my mac book pro and using the zoom it had HORRIBLE!)

The movie mode is in 1080hd which is high quality.

Once I got home and ripped up the box lol I made a bunch of silly movies and it was so amazing watching myself. I felt like I had a twin and I was watching her do all these things thats how great it is!

It has a cool feature called “Background Defocus”. This feature is something that usually comes with dslr cameras but as you can see...this is NOT a dslr camera. What the feature does is focuses on a subject wether it be a person, thing or animal and makes it the focus of the picture by making thins in the background blurry. I am still having a little trouble getting it to work with faces but here is an example that I took myself.

See how my computer is the main focus and my mom in the background is semi blurred out. I was trying to do this feature with my moms face but it kept saying something about I wasn't close enough and some other stuff I didn't understand.

Here are some other random shots I took of my furry children lol.

(blue because he’s a boy)


I know amazing right! Its like your here with me in Pittsburgh lol. Just keep your eye because I will now be uploading hopefully every other day and everyday as far as my blog. Even if its just one picture of something that inspired me, there will be something :)

As always I hope all is well with whomever is reading this blog.
(Is it whomever or whoever...IDK its late lol)

<3 Brandi


  1. Omg I didn't even know you're from Pittsburgh! Next time I'm home I'm totally coming to the city and we are lunching or something!

  2. We should definitely meet up. This past August I moved to Delaware but my family is still here and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. The next time you think you will be here just send me a comment through blogspot or my youtube channel Actually lol you should check out my youtube either one. Its brand new very young lol but I would love your suggestion on how I can improve it and what you would like to see me post. It would be so appreciated. :)