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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Day, Old Outift

Today is my first day back in my lovely hometown. As always on my first day back i like to just chill and set up an agenda for the other days I will be home. Being home allows me to lounge around, be lazy and get my thoughts together. Almost like a retreat. A home away from home lol.

Unfortunately lounging around the house also means I am not getting “Dressed to Impress”.
 I do have a video for you guys that I posted on my youtube channel a while back. For me it is a whole lot easier to upload a video verses taking pictures because I DIDNT have a camera and doing things on my phone was the WORST trying to get it stand up at the right height and right angle. TOO MUCH!

This friday I am going to take another trip to Best Buy and get hopefully 2 tripods. 
A Mini Tripod
I will use this to sit on my desk for when I am making videos

A Regular One
This one is for taking OOTD pictures
On to the good stuff. The videos and OOTD

As always my lovelies
Thanks for reading, check out my youtube channel (I upload on there a little more frequent)

<3 Brandi

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