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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Imagine walking in to a grocery store to buy some household items and walking out with 4 full carts and only spending $50, maybe a little less.

On TLC (I think...) they have an eye opener show called Extreme Couponing. The show films a variety of people cutting coupons to save money. I know it sounds boring but it is very exciting. A majority of the people of the show started extreme couponing because of the recession. Husbands and Wifes loosing their jobs and worrying about how to make ends meet.

Normally when you think of couponing, you think of cutting a couple coupons out some magazines and heading to the store...

Extreme couponing entails thousands of magazine clipping and even more online coupons. Some of the people on the show go “dumpster diving” for coupons or go door to door to collect newspapers from their neighbors. Then maybe 7 to 10 hours A DAY cutting and filing the coupons.

Everyone has a different but same method. Keep the coupons organized according to brand, categorized, expiration date and then in alphabetical order.

Some of the people on the show rack up a total of over 1,000 dollars in house hold items and only spend 60 dollars. I have seen a show where a lady paid 1 dollar for groceries that would normally be over 600 dollars.

This show really got me thinking about how much money we waist on household items. These items have coupons we just have to have time to search the internet or look in our local paper.

Then sunday’s paper showed up on my doorstep I decide I would try it for myself. So I started cutting coupons. I cut all day yesterday and a little today and this weekend my mother and I will go to out local walmart and see how much savings we can rack up.

I will be sure to photography the carts full of stuff, the receipt and other pictures. I am really excited to see how far my money goes. With getting my first apartment I need to save money where I can to have it  to use towards other things.

Now on to the OOTD.
(This is actually my outfit from sunday, I just didnt have time to post the pictures)

The beginning of my hair journey

Until next time
<3 Brandi

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