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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Spot of Color

My mom's 50th birthday is coming up in July but she wants to have a big birthday party. With every birthday party comes a birthday dress. For such a special occasion you have to look months in advance, like prom lol.
So first we stopped in this boutique that my parents have been friends with the owner for forever. No one really knows about the place because not a lot of people shop in station square. There are not a lot of  known shops are over. The boutique is called New York, New York. Unfortunately...I forgot to get a pic of the boutique and there arent any online.

This is the dress my mom fell in love with

It was a little difficult to find a dress that did not have a prom dress appearance because it is prom session. My mom was a little worried that it looked to young but I encouraged her to get what she likes because 50 is a milestone and she should be proud to look this good and have a body like she does. Thank God for good jeans. Tell me what you guys think about the dress. Honesty welcomed.
After leaving the lovely boutique, we headed to the southside. I love going to the side because it's like its own little community. Southside has an H&M, Southside works(a movie theater),Forever 21, Urban Outiftter, Puma, BCBG, American Eagle and a couple others.


I was so said to see that the ONLY Steve Madden Store in Pittsburgh was closing! I almost shed a tear, now I would have to shop online and wait for shipping or go to Macy's or Nordstroms. 

But from sadness, I did get a new pair of black suede wedges. Great for when fall and winter rolls around. Also from the Forever 21 i picked up a forest green bandage skirt for $12.50, two dainty necklaces one of a ancho and the other is a small look a like elephant tusk, each $1.50 and last but not least a travel sewing kit for $7.80. I had saw the sewing it on the Forever 21 website about two months ago and kept holding off on getting it til finally it wasn't online anymore. That happens to me alot. (I will do a haul on those things.)
And to end the blog with my OOTD(outfit of the day)

<3 Brandi

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