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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day in the 80's

For the most part I slept in today. This is my puppy Ruby's first summer and she does not enjoy being hot so she was up all night making noise. So I didnt sleep good.
Finally I woke up at about 10 and watched some tv outside with my mom. Until I got a phone call from a guy at a car dealership. I dont think I have told you guys yet but I am looking to buy a car. My parents have three so I have been driving their extra one. I realized its time for me to get something of my own with MY NAME ON IT. So my niece and my best friend/little brother  came with me to the dealership and there wasnt really anything I was looking for. So i decided that tomorrow I will just drive out to the Bobby Rahal dealership. My dad got his Mercedes from there and has never complained and from the inventory online they have a lot.
After getting back from a failed attempt at getting a car, I came home to help my mom and sister cook out. Most of it my mom did yesterday so there was very little to do today. After sitting outside and eating a lovely home cooked meal, my mom made us crepes. It was so delicious!
My mom made them to perfection, there was syrup drizzled on the plate. The the crepe itself was filled with fruit that my mom had blended together. Then served with whip cream and ice cream on top. I love how creative my mom gets.


<3 Brandi

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  1. i like your outfit=]