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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Out The House

Today I sat in the house with my mom until about 3:30 and we both realized we were VERY bored.
So my mom made a great suggestion...
Mom says "Lets go to the Mall"
Daughter says "Of course, the answer to our boredom"
Today was not that bad, I picked up a couple things on "THE LIST". Once a month, I make a list of things I would like to get or things I like to go done. Just a monthly agenda. The things I purchased on the list today was a mint colored body con skirt from wet seal, also a cute pair of military green pant with a matching shirt. Eventually I will do another Haul once i accumulate enough for a Haul. Next was CVS.
I was on a fellow bloggers page and she was saying how much she saved on makeup at cvs with their rewards. She actually bought $100 worth of stuff and after the person at the counter rang up the savings it ended up being $30. I was so jealous lol. So today while I was out, I thought why not. So i signed up for free. I didn't find a lot of make up in the cvs I was in today but I did find this lovely lavender color lipstick. I bought a NYX color in tan and its a little too much with my complexion so I figured that if I apply the tan color with another color it would look lovely! The lipstick was $8.99 but I got $0.55 off.

Last but not least

<3 Brandi

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