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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Las Vegas

May 7th

Today was crazy. First I woke up at 3 eastern time to catch a flight at 5 30.

Once on the flight we had a layover in chicago. The flight to chicago was only about a hour and a half spend on this small jet plane that only fit 3 people across.

The plane landed in chicago at about 7. I am originally from pittsburgh so my body was on 8 o'clock time. (chicago is an hour ahead of us). Once off the chicago plane we made a mad dash through the airport to catch a flight to Las Vegas that would we leaving at 7 10. Luckily we ran up to the gate as they were CALLING OUR NAMES.

The actual flight to Las Vegas was about 4 hours long and when we landed it was 8 in the morning but back in pittsburgh it was 11.

Once we received our luggage, we made our way to the car rental. My mom had first rented a Buick but because of all the over packing we as americans do, we had to get a car with more trunk space lol.

Seeing as how it was 8 in the morning and out condo wouldn't be ready til 4, we drove down the strip.

After driving down the strip and remembering the last two times we were down there. My mom had been talking about this bakery called "Freed's Bakery". She had heard of this bakery of HGTV so we had to go. They had the most amazing cakes. It made me realize I want my 21st birthday to be in LAS VEGAS.

We made our way to the condo at about 12, there we unpacked went and got groceries and food and 
came to the condo FINALLY at 2.  Yes 2 seems pretty earlier but when you been up since 3 eastern time, it totals out to be 13/14 hours!!! So we all took naps and now its 7 and in a little everyone will jump in the shower put their party clothes on and hit the streets. 
*pictures coming soon of May 7th night.

<3 Brandi

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