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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Last Friday of 2011

This post is more like an appreciation post. I started this blog in March if I’m correct and I feel like my style has grown so much and I am so happy that I could share it with you guys. Through my blog I was inspired to make a YouTube channel which is thriving. Without you guys I would of never found the courage to step outside my comfort zone and expose myself to the world. I am so happy that the people on BlogSpot and YouTube have welcomed me with open arms and that is a great feeling.

A year from today when I look back on the post I hope that I will have grown is ways unimaginable. I hope to have grown in my make up skills because I am still a beginner and that my fashion sense will elevate. Right now with make up and beauty I am very shy to try new things and hopefully that will change.

For the New Year I dont really have any resolutions besides to just grow as a person but thats something I should be doing all day everyday not just because its a new year. I do sort have a little change nothing major and not really because its a New Year. But it is to buy quality not quanity. It seems like something like that should be common sense and sometimes it is and others its not. What I basically mean is that if I see something I like to buy it. Dont worry about the price. If I am going to get my money’s worth and this item is going to become a key essential to my wardrobe then get it. Sometimes I let my dad’s side come out of me which is the cheap side, the “I’m not going to pay that price side” lol. But what ends up happening is I find these amazing pieces and decide I dont want to spend that type of money right now and once I am ready to spend that type of money the item is gone forever and I’ll think about that item for weeks to come. I know everyone has those moments but I am tried of saying I’m going to learn to buy what my heart is craving for.

Anyway enough babbling... Here are my top 5 outfits over the past couples months....

Tell me what’s your favorite look.

Also I have some videos coming for you guys. A  Christmas Haul, A New Year’s Video (kinda be with me when the ball drops lol), Get Ready With Me: New Years 2012 Edition. So be on the look out.

And an extra one, I couldn't just pic 5 lol...

<3 Brandi

Tell me what you guys did for New Years or your resolutions...

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