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Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 Wish

Lately I have found myself just wanting more and more things. I go through these phases were I just want to buy everything I see. Compulsive shopping!!! Especially when I am saving for one big item.

So to fix this problem I have decided to try something new. I printed out a picture of the item I want and wrote the price tag next to the picture and hung it up in my room.

In my wallet I wrapped a little pasted note around my debit card so every time I go to swipe it, I will have a moment of clarity to decide if I really need this item.

In a lot of those books  that help you get something you want, they say to leave reminders around so that way you know what your working towards.

The worse thing that could happen is it doesnt help me with saving my money, the best thing to happen is that it actually works for me and I can start using this method to help me accomplish a lot of things.

So you want to know what is this big item I want well its this baby right here...
Chanel Jumbo Classic in Pink
For my 21st I had really wanted to treat myself to one of this babies (not this one in particular). Due to life circumstances I had to spend my money on other things but hey thats life, things come up but now that everything else is taking care of I can give it another try. I was disappointed that my hard work was for nothing but now that I am over it lol I can dust myself off and give things another try...

So wish my good luck my lovelies

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