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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RiRi Hearts Collection

Today my package from the Rihanna Collection came.
What better way to start up blogging again than to show you guys the lovely items that I purchased.

Of course every customer could only order one of everything and in order to order additional items you had to complete more than one order. So you know I had to do two orders. My first order included everything and the second one included back up lippes
Rihanna collection included 3 lippes, one blush  and one lustre drop.
Lipsticks include 

RiRi Woo($15)
Similar to Ruby Woo but I would say its lighter and the texture is more moisturizing without changing the fact that the lippie is matte(retro)
I actually like RiRi Woo A LOT better (ssshhh dont tell anyone)
RiRi Boy($15)
This lippie is in the purple family. Its on the line of being lavender(in my opinion).
The texture is the same RiRi Woo, very moisturizing. 

I think its pronounced “hoe”. I have heard it announced many different words but I think that one is the most fitting.

Over all I absolutely love the texture of Rihanna’s lipsticks. They are VERY moisturizing without changing the lipsticks being retro matte. I would recommend EVERYONE going out and purchasing these and don’t forget to buy back ups lol.
RiRi Boy, RiRi Woo,Heaux

Blush and Contour duo($26)
Both of these colors are beautiful unfortunately the contour does not fit my skin tone as a contou. It is the exact same color as the powder I use to set my foundation. So I guess thats what I will be using it for. 
Lighter Skin Tones: This will be a great contour especially because there is no glitter or shimmer in the contour which is perfect
Darker Skin Tones: This would be nice for setting under eye concealers or setting highlighted areas
The blush on the other hand is great for all skin tones. 
Lustre Drops($20)
Barbados Girl, this is gorgeous. This is look great on all skin tones. I think the shimmer is just enough. A little does go a long way. Unlike Mac’s other highlight in Gold Deposit, this product is not over bearing or overwhelming. 

Well I will see you lovely people tomorrow.
Bye Guys

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  1. Heyyyy gurllll my skin tone is a little light what lippies should I use to make me stand out