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Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Curly Hair Routine

Lately I’ve been wearing my hair curly. Everyone else as well as myself has fallen in love with this style on me. When I go to work and its not curly everyone asks what happened and when will it be curly again.

Right now I am trying to stretch my hair. Meaning I am trying to go a long period of time without putting any kind of heat on my hair. No flat iron and no blowing dry. And I have done really well. I think its been maybe over a month since I last put a flat iron in my hair and over 3 months since blowing dry. Currently I find no need for a blow dry. I have to fight the temptation of wanting to flat iron my hair.

I do find with curly hair that my hair has been more dry and Im not sure what to do, do you guys have any suggestions? Please someone have a suggestion for me.

Well on to the regular scheduled post lol. After posting this picture on Instagram, I got a couple questions.
So I decided to record how I got this style so here it is ladies and gentlemen enjoy.

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