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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Life has been so crazy for me. 

School started January 20th and so far I am semi loving all my classes. The people in my classes are easy to talk to and I can see a couple study buddies already.
This semester I have decided to go all out.
So I have 5 classes on campus and one online class.
Because I dont live on campus I decided to only have classes on tuesday and thursday. 
It saves me gas because I drive to school only two days a week and I work the other 5 days.
My school day starts at 8:30 in the morning with Financial Management. I know, I know, my days starts off with a rather complicated course. Next is Public Speaking which I am so nervous about. Then math, Philosophy, and Advertising. 
As for my online class is English. And I am enjoying an online class. The professor post our assignments Sunday 12:01a.m. and the assignment is due Sunday 12:00p.m.. So we have a whole week to submit things. Thus far our assignments have been pretty simple. The professor will post a chapter in the text to read, we respond to the questions at the end of the text, then the professor will give us an article to read and relate it to the chapter. Pretty simple, I know lol.


I am so EXCITED! It will be a little less than a month since the last time I saw them when they come up and so far it has been only 2 weeks and it feels like FOREVER! I dont know if I have ever explained to you guys how close my family is and I’m the only one who does not live in Pittsburgh :( how sad right. 
As of now I dont have a specific agenda for when they come up, I guess we will just play it by ear but I know it will be fun packed!

I got a new phone!!!
I know #teamiphone lol.
The other day I woke up to find that my phone would not turn on and I knew i had charged it all night so it was not died. I was absent from the outside world from 8 a.m. to about 3p.m. My boyfriend had stayed at his moms house because he had to work at 7a.m. and she lives close to his job so he wasnt even here for me to borrow his phone.
I know, I know, your thinking what about a house phone.
We live in the cell phone and texting age.  So when I moved in my apartment in August I thought a house phone. What a waste on money. Obviously I feel a little different but not strong enough to get a house phone lol. Eventually my phone came back on the first people I called was my parents and of course my mom was FREAKING out saying she tried to call me multiple times and I didnt answer and she was worried and she was going to force my dad to drive 4hrs to make sure I was okay. YES I KNOW OVER THE TOP lol. So that day I ordered myself a new phone. 

Originally I was waiting til the iphone 4s was available. My dad works for Verizon and they have this thing were employees get new phones last. I dont like that concept but I understand why they make employees wait. Why give someone an item for a discount when there are TONS of people who will pay full price. 

I have always been a droid girl but this time around none of the droids appealed  to my technology side so I decided on the iphone 4 so far I dont see a big difference besides the new one having a better camera. My boyfriend has the 4s (the new one) so I can compare myself and not go off of hear say and I’m not the envious of his 4s lol. 


Another make up haul coming once my parents get here. My mom has her heat set on going to the Mac Pro Store so I will pick up a lot of goodies to show you guys.

<3 Brandi


  1. Lovely blog! Lucky you with your new shiny iPhone! :)