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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NEW STYLE ICON: June Ambrose

I first heard about June Ambrose when there was a picture of her on a blog and the topic of the blog entry was more about Beyonce&Jay but it had a picture of a STYLISH women who has bringing in a clothes rack for Jay and I thought, I wonder who she is. Clearly I knew she was a stylist but I did not know her name.

A couple days ago after getting my fix of the NEW season of Basketball Wives a commercial came on. To my SURPRISE it was that same STYLISH WOMEN from the blog.  

February 27, 2012

Her name is June Ambrose and she is a stylist to the celebrates.
I am SO EXCITED for her show, I know very little about who she has styled but I know that EVERY picture I have seen her in, SHE LOOKS AMAZING!
Here are a couple pictures I found online and some sneak peaks and other interviews on youtube.
You ladies have to tune in for her show, I think all AFRICAN AMERICAN women will be able to appreciate an african american women stylist on tv. I HONESTLY feel like she is the only one or maybe the only one I think of.

What are some other great stylist that dont get credit where credit is due?

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